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    Commercial Service

    Have a professional electrician perform these installations to ensure that the work is being completed to code for the safety and protection of your property and personnel.


    A breaker’s job is to protect you and your property from electrical shorts. Make sure your breaker is installed properly by hiring NJ Power Electric.  

    Dedicated Outlets and Circuits

    Having new equipment installed may require a specific electrical connection. Before buying new equipment that is specific in its requirements contact us to make sure it is compatible to your existing system.  

    Landscape and Sign Lighting

    Installation of proper landscape lighting and Sign lighting can add elegance and security to your property. Installation requires proper sizing of underground wiring the right type of light for your needs.  

    Meter banks and Meter Cans

    Your Meter bank or Meter can is where the power supply comes into your building where power used is measured. Power Electric has a wide variety of Meter Bank parts in stock for those hard to find pieces.  

    Panel Boxes

    Your Panel box is the heartbeat of your electrical system. You have many options when it comes to your panel box. We can walk you through your options.  

    Remodels, Additions and New Construction

    Choosing an electrician for a new project is a critical step in the progress of your project. Choosing Power Electric helps you not worry about meeting deadlines or unnecessary holdups.  

    Single Phase & Three Phase Equipment

    Commercial power is typically delivered by the power company in single or three-phase power at either 120-240v or 277-480v. Power Electric has experience dealing with either type of power supply.